Proof the FUT 18 Coin Generator for Ultimate Team is the best method

Are you also interested in getting an infinite amount of Free FIFA 18 Coins and Points on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4? Today I will show you if it is possible to hack and cheat on FIFA 18 Ultimate Team or if the rumors about a full working FIFA 18 Coin Generator are just scam and made up.

First we should consider about why people really need FUT Coins and Points and what makes them so necessary in this game.

Gamer are spending lots of money just for points on FUT, but for what actually? FIFA UT points are the premium ingame currency. The gamer can exchange these points with packs. Through packs you can get any type of player, manager, useful items and also useless items. For example will you get a really huge amount of player contracts out of every pack. No matter if its a bronze, silver or gold pack. You will never need such a big amount of this items for playing this game. Also the chance of getting great player outside of these packs is extremely low. You won’t get any Ronaldo or Messi easily from these packs. Sometimes you get an average inform player, but thats it. Many gamer might consider this as wasting money or gambling. You should make your own opinion about this.

Lets get down to FUT coins. There are a few ways to get them, but all of them needs a pretty long time. The most time you will only earn a small amount. For example can you get coins from matches, tournaments or other gaming modes, hut your player will lose fitness and contracts at the same time. So you always have to consider how much coins you are actually making. Getting them by trading on the transfer market is another way, but since there are autobuyer and other tools it is pretty ineffective.


Lets get to the ultimate effective way to get free FIFA 18 points and coins. The FIFA 18 coin generator on works on all devices. Means you can use it directly from your phone, console or PC. It will let you hack FIFA 18 easily no matter if you have an Xbox Live, PSN or PC/Origin account. These days you find many videos proofing a FIFA 18 coins hack is really working. You can check those on Dailymotion, Vimeo or on Youtube. There are lots of Lets player using the FIFA 18 coin generator. Maybe you already saw every of them having lots of FUT COINS.

Getting FIFA 18 Free Coins and Points is easier than you might think

When you think about FIFA 18 Ultimate Team on your PlayStation, PC or Xbox you think about building your own team, compete with other gamer all over the world and winning tournament for example FUT Champions or the Weekend League. This year EASports made some major changes, their focus is more on eSports now and Ultimate Team is now on of the main modes in the game.

Do you also have a great FUT team? No? Why? Because you only get useless player contracts, fitness and bad player out of gold packs? Yup, welcome to the real world. Almost no one gets player like Ronaldo, Robben or Messi out of packs. Some people even say “the chance of meeting Ronaldo randomly on the street is higher than getting him in a gold pack” and this might be true. There are people playing FUT since 2010 (FIFA 11), spending endless money on FIFA Points, but still didn’t get any TOTY, TOTS, IF or just a normal Ronaldo, Messi or any other superstar. Is it really worth it to buy FIFA Points? Absolutely not. As I said – the most time you can find only useless items in these packs.

Still you need a great team to compete with other player, especially in a higher level (FUT Champions, League 1 etc.), otherwise it will be very hard for you to beat any other gamer, which already got superstars. Player like Ronaldo can make a huge difference in exciting games and alone these kinda player can bring you the win. No matter how good are your skills or how good is your tactic. So what possibilities do you have to get Points or Coins? There are not many. First you can play matches, win the league, sell your player or you start trading – but all of these methods are costing lots of time which you might not have.

We found a way out of this problem in the last few days. How? Simply by watching videos on YouTube and checking Facebook posts and pages. Over there are lots of content which shows you how to get free FIFA 18 Coins and Points on easily generated by a FIFA 18 Hack. We were not sure about if they are really working, so we had to give it a try. We went straight to and opened the FIFA 18 Coin Generator as we saw on the video. Actually the video explains it very well. You have to enter your account name (ID) and choose the platform you are playing on. This might be Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 or PC. We are not sure about if it already works on iOS and Android yet. After that you choose the amount of Free FUT 18 Coins and Points you want to generate straight to your account. Important to know is they don’t ask you for any password, e-mail address, security question or any else important information. There is absolutely no risk of getting hacked, many thousand user are satisfied and got their FUT 18 Free Coins and Points from this Online Generator.

Now is your time to get them! Use it as long as it is working!